Calabar High School

"The Utmost for the Highest"

The Westwood Experience 2016

Tuesday, November 8, 2016 was another momentous day for Calabar as on this occasion we were visited by about 60 young ladies and teachers from our sister school Westwood High.  Upon their arrival they were given the Calabar welcome, led by the the Head Students and some of our esteemed prefects - they were then regally escorted to the school's Chapel where they received a welcome on behalf of the Calabar Administration given by Mrs. Young, our Sixth  Form Coordinator.  After this address which surely left our sisters feeling welcomed and appreciated, they were accompanied to their assigned classes for the day by sixth formers.

The day continued with the ladies having classes with us except for in three cases:  lunch hour, college fair and the 'Calawood Concierto'.   Just before lunch, the Auditorium was cleverly morphed into a four-star restaurant, a restaurant that hosted the ladies of Westwood and some of our prefects for lunch.  Not only was the meal delectable but so was the live musical accompaniment.  Concurrent to the four star dining was a 'Calawood venture', one in which some of the brothers and sisters of Calwood attended a Canadian college fair at the Spanish Court Hotel; a venture that was described as a good learning experience as well as a golden opportunity for socialization.

After dining,  the diners return to their class and the auditorium was once again metamorphosed into a concert hall.   At the last session of the day, the auditorium was home to a mini-concert deemed the 'The Calawood Concierto'.  Not only was the concert an opportunity for socialization and a showcase of talent, but it was a hit and the audience was treated to a plethora of hits ranging from covers of songs by Adele to John Legend to self-penned pieces.

Once curtains were drawn on the concert, the students of Westwood wanted a further tour of the campus, a tour that they begged to begin at the ever popular synthetic track.  Upon the completion of the tour, the students of 'Calawood' decided to follow the trend sweeping the globe and do a mannequin challenge in a bid to commemorate this event.  They also had an opportunity to take group pictures in a bid to create lasting memories of that day- after all, a picture is worth just as much as a thousand words.

This experience which was a great socialization and bonding moment was lauded by both Daughters of Westwood and the Sons of Rabalac.  It truly allowed for both parties to create and continue lasting memories and bonds as Sibling Schools.

Daniel East

Deputy Head Boy