Calabar High School

"The Utmost for the Highest"

Welcome to Calabar High

Calabar High School has a tradition of bringing up boys to be grounded men and rounded citizens. This has been accomplished by maintaining a school environment of discipline and compassion, Christian ethics and moral probity, ambitious endeavour and appropriate humility, honesty and true sportsmanship. Our motto "The Utmost for the Highest" was meant to and came to mean what it expresses so eloquently. To be true to our history and tradition and to pursue constantly our mission Calabar must be an institution, which creatively and consistently foster learning, provide scope for personal development, promote safety and motivate socially appropriate behaviour. Calabar must strive to create a positive school environment characterized by:

  1. Clear and lofty expectation for each teacher and student
  2. Comprehensive and inclusionary values and attitudes for all members of the school community,
  3. Strong student attachment to Calabar’s history and tradition as well as the principles and practices of the school
  4. Active participation in school activities by parents, old boys and the Baptist community.