Calabar High School

"The Utmost for the Highest"

Mr. Joel Taylor - A Calabar Ambassador

Good morning,

I would like to commend Joel of Sixth Form, who stopped reading his notebook, implored his colleague to hold his bag, and offered me his seat when I boarded the 23A with my 2 young children this morning at about 6:15 am. When asked, he seemed hesitant so I took only his first name.

In the three(3)  years that I have been travelling with my young children via public transportation, Joel is the first student who has offered his seat. There are some students who may oblige to let a child sit in the middle and I  am always grateful given the long ride, however, Joel went the extra mile. He gave up his seat, without me asking.

Too many of our young people are self-absorbed. Please commend him so he continues to be exemplary, and mention him to your school body so others may emulate him

With thanks.

October 15, 2019