Calabar High School

"The Utmost for the Highest"

Founders Day, September 12, 2016

Calabar celebrates its anniversary on September 12 as it was founded on this day in 1912. One Hundred and four (104) years later the school stand strong and proud as it continues its legacy around its Motto, The Utmost for the Highest.

There was a gathering of all the students in the school yard for a special devotional exercise. The Vice Principal, Mr. Calvin Rowe, about our history and our trail from Rio Bueno to East Queen Street to Studley Park as the Head Students presented the rock; a symbol of the foundation of where the school stands and water from the ancient river.   Dervan Malcom, an Old Boy read excerpts from the book “The History of Calabar”. The Cadets raised the national flag.

Later that evening, the Calabar Old Boys hosted a lecture at the Boulevard Baptist Church. The Speaker was Dr. William Aiken who gave an interesting and very informative lecture on “Treating Prostate Cancer in an Era of Precision Medicine”.

Next year Calabar will celebrate 105 years. Look out for the pomp and pageantry!!!