Calabar High School

"The Utmost for the Highest"

Calabar Takes Home the Peace for Champs Trophy

The Peace for Champs team at Calabar adopted a quote from Mahatma Gandhi as its mantra this year, "A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history." The Calabar's Peace for Champs team is made up of eleven (11) executive members, an advisor and just over fifteen (15) other members. The team is spearheaded by the Internal Peace for Champs President, Delmic Morris, and our Internal Peace for Champs Advisor, Canute Fagan.

The team was applauded throughout the campaign for its meaningful promotions. They visited churches, basic schools, business places, primary schools and high schools, and to spread the message of peace through meaningful engagement and initiatives. The group created over 70 promotional videos and even more promotional pictures endorsing the campaign. Political leaders, entertainers and other popular figures were used in these videos. Requests were received from churches and schools asking that the team from Calabar visits and assist students and youth group to set up sporting and socially uplifting activities.

At home, we had two stone arts spelling out Peace 4 Champs; one by the Synthetic Track and the other in front of the second gate. The team also spray painted bins with the Peace for Champs logo, sold Peace Cream which is blue and white with the slogan, "Peace is sweet". The ice cream produced exclusively for Calabar. The team has engaged the school via devotional exercises, spreading our message of peace and unity.

Calabar won the Peace for Champs competition for the first time and finished in the top five in both the t shirt and poster competition. Our involvement in all these activities without losing any points due to the misconduct of our students saw us scoring just over 4100 points. We won the Peace for Champs Campaign by 2,229 points as our closest rival scored under 2000 points.

President: Delmic Morris

1st VP: Rajay Maragh

2nd VP: Anthony Findley

Secretary: Joel Bernard

Treasurer: Andre Beal

Public Relations Officer: Khalil Harvey

Assistant Treasurer: Richard Barrett

Assistant Public Relations Officer: Jhevonté Webster

Faculty Advisor: Mr.Fagon