Calabar High School

"The Utmost for the Highest"

Calabar Stakeholders

Calabar Parents Teachers’ Association (PTA)

There is an active Parent-Teachers’ Association which holds regular meetings and sponsors or assists with fund-raising efforts in aid of school projects. Parents are urged to join the Association and participate in the activities in the interest of your son and of the school

President Mark Bowen
Vice President of Projects Kevin Senior
Vice President of Communications Vacant
Assistant Vice President Novelette Bryan
Treasurer Vacant
Secretary Patricia Boyd Percy
Teachers Representative Donna Greenwood
Dean of Discipline Canute Fagan
Grade/class Representative Co-ordinator Charmaine Heron


  • Installed seating areas for students
  • Facilitate text messaging to stakeholders
  • Provided a bed, sofa set and laptop for the Guidance Department
  • Provided keyboard, and other support for the Music Department
  • Financed the installation of additional drinking fountains and school signages
  • Facilitated a school uniform collection drive for the Guidance Department
  • Provided a conference table for the reading room.
  • Facilitated intellectual and environmental awareness by funding competitions and prizes.
  • Funded 2 troubled students at summer camp.
  • Provided assistance to select students upon recommendation and teacher conference attendance.
  • Financed audio visual communications training.
  • Provided microwave ovens for students to re-heat their meals.
  • Provided fans for the classrooms
  • Provided refrigerator for Boarding House
  • Repaired an unused building for use by PE and Construction classes
  • Trained and facilitated parents in need of email technology
  • Provided support for orientation, medicals, health fair, Labour Day, Old Boys building project
  • Invited special speakers to assist in dealing with adolescent males, nutrition, Chic-V,
  • Held 2 BBQs, Fish Fry, Cake Sale, Lapathon.
  • Worked with KC in hosting a week of activities to show togetherness


  • Additional seating area
  • Tile reading room
  • Cctv/pave dusty areas/new classrooms
  • School Bus Fund
  • Contribution to Museum/office building
  • Fans for Chapel

Contact: Mark Bowen-790-9459