Calabar High School

"The Utmost for the Highest"


A BUS committee comprising of Old Boys Keith Whyte, Pete Smith, Trevor Barnes, Glen Charlton and Colin Campbell was formed. With difficulties to secure adequate funding they decided to consult The Most Hon PJ Patterson for his advice and help. Through his initiative, another Old Boy, Donovan Perkins hosted a luncheon meeting with Charles Ross, Jason McKay , Ian Moore, Eric Hosin , Walter Scott, Harry Maragh, Glen Charlton, Trevor Barnes and Russel Thompson.  Together they raised over 4 million dollars.  Additional assistance came from The Calabar Trust, The Calabar Foundation, The New York, Toronto, Atlanta and Florida chapters as well as other Old boys in Jamaica and abroad.  A special bus was designed to suit the needs of the School.

The Old Boys were committed to this venture that took time, hard work and a lot of money It was delivered to the school on November much to the delight of the Boys and their teachers who witnessed its first drive onto the school’s compound.

A brief handing over ceremony was held on the lawns of the Centenary Gardens with members of the Calabar fraternity and other stakeholders in attendance. A group of teachers and students experienced its comfort by going for a short spin after the ceremony.

The bus is a state of the art, luxurious 35 seater, equipped with many amenities to include Wi-Fi. The students can now travel in comfort, style and safety.

The school recognizes Russell Thompson for all his hard work and  Guardian Life for their sponsorship.

When you play, play hard. When you work, you dont play at all! The Utmost for the Highest!.