Calabar High School

"The Utmost for the Highest"

Calabar Old Boys Give Back.

The Calabar old boys continue to give to the school in invaluable ways.

The mentorship program for Grades 7-9 continues every Friday morning with Old boys coming in to provide guidance and instill in the young men fundamentals of our core values; discipline, responsibility, They congratulated the Grade 7/7 boys of 2015/6 and honoured them with certificates

In the featured photograph, class of 84 made a sizeable donation to the Academic and Sports program. Half a million dollars was split giving the greater portion to help advance he academic program with special target being students who are financially challenged.

Class of 87 gave an award for excellence in Chemistry. Sons of Herb donated 100 school bags to boys in need. Class of 1999 donated $50000 towards the Literacy program. Dr. Kevin Scarlette gave $50000 the First Form students who do well in mathematics every term.

Sons of Herb and Sons of Rabalac continues to help in all areas to include full scholorships for students at different grade levels.

Both NCB foundation and Singer/DJ Masika have donated laptops to enhance the Literacy and Robotics programs currently underway and highly supported.

COBA is providing Mathematics classes free of cost on Saturdays for first to third form. 

Class of 91 and others are responsible for this website.

For the honour of their school; we say THANK YOU!!!!