Calabar High School

"The Utmost for the Highest"

CALABAR CELEBRATES ITS TOP STUDENTS FROM 2015/2016 Principal's Honour Roll Ceremony.

The Utmost for the Highest was celebrated on the cool morning of September 27, 2016 on the lawns of the School’s Centenary Garden. Fifteen Boys were named to the Honour Roll as their parents and teachers were in attendance.

Each Boy was pinned by his Form Teacher of last school year. The Guidance Counsellors were in attendance and helped on behalf of teachers who were not able to attend. Deshaun Fender, a Grade 12 student graced us with his talent of playing a musical selection of “ The Prayer”  on his saxophone. Greetings were brought my Ms. Sian Wilson, Acting Vice principal of the lower school and the Principal Mr. Albert Corcho gave a short congratulatory address and charge to the students. The Program was chaired by Mr. Calvin Rowe, Vice Principal.

The morning ended with the students lining up and doing the symbolic handshake of the Principal, Mr. Corcho.  Deputy Head Boy Daniel East moved the vote of thanks.

The Head Students dis a wonderful job of playing hosts and ushers of the proceedings.