Calabar High School

"The Utmost for the Highest"

Basketball Back to its Winning Ways

Under the guidance of Coach Ludloo Barker assisted by Kurt Stewart, the 2016-2017 basketball season began with a two week summer. The camp focused on fitness, footwork and ball handling.  Although rigourous, the team was motivated to take the trophy once again and make history.  Two new members joined the already jelled team and during the month of September the skills: shooting, defensive plays, offensive plays and inbound plays the teams focus. 
               With Captain Recho Taylor and his assistants Jevaughn Taylor and Shemar Shand, the season began on October 19 and it was a seven game series for the Under 19 team and a six game series for the Under 16. Based on our pre-match sessions we entered every match filled with confidence, our eyes set on the trophy and a goal to be undefeated. That goal was then smashed in the second game for the Under 16 team where they lost to St Georges College by one(1) point, four games after that on November 10 the Under 19 team lost to Ardenne High School by two points. With that defeat the team went into match against St Jago on Monday, November 11 even more focused and determined to win. The team came out being the victors.

At the end of the first round the Under 19 finished with a record of 6-1 while the Under 16 team now has a record of 5-1. The top scorers on the Under 19 team would be Jevaughn Taylor and Antonio Spence with Jevaughn Taylor having an impressive showing so far with a top score of 50 points against Kingston Technical and the Under 16 led by their young captain Shavarine Beech showing maturity beyond his years
           The team looks forward to the second half of the season with great anticipation and is confident the Under 19 team will defend the title and the Under 16 team will bring it home this year for their prestigious institution. 

Recho Taylor, Captain